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Improvement of water quality in the agricultural sector and competitiveness for agricultural companies


In many countries agriculture is the main part of the national economy and, at the same time, provides the livelihood for the majority of the population. Often, though, the production of small farms is inefficient. A main reason for this inefficiency is often the lack of a modern water treatment.

Modern water treatment technology combined with financing options enables smaller business to be able to afford modern water treatment technology and to significantly increase their competitiveness.

Technologies for water treatment and production of clean water not only increase the productivity of farms but also enable sustainable development of the local economy and working population.

Sustainability and Economic Development

The mortality rates in the poultry industry in emerging markets are high and often antibiotics are used excessively. Clean water improves the health and well-being of animals and also improves feed utilization. As a direct result the use of antibiotics can greatly reduced.

The widespread use of antibiotics not only reduces animal growth, but fosters the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Furthermore, these antibiotics get through the food chain into human and high loads might lead to import restrictions in crucial markets.

Grasshopper Investments completed such projects successfully in India, Indonesia and Venezuela.