Grasshopper - Grasshopper Investments - nachhaltige Investitionen in Wasser

Overview Grasshopper Investments

Finance Concepts and innovative Business Models for Water Projects


Since its inception in 2010 Grasshopper Investments is focused on financing structures in the water sector. It is driven by the lack of availability of financing models for water projects, although there is a high demand for financing of urgently needed investment in water infrastructure, especially in emerging markets.

Grasshopper Investments has developed new financing concepts and business models that allow different approaches to private investments in the water sector and, at the same time, promoting sustainable development in its target markets.

Grasshopper Investments area of business includes the following:

  • Identification of sustainable income opportunities in the water sector
  • Development of new financing and business models for water projects
  • Design of transparent investment models for private and institutional investors with a focus on emerging economies while minimizing risks
  • Promoting social and economic development in emerging economies through sustainable overall concepts