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Investment Philosophy Grasshopper Investments

Private finance for sustainable water projects


Grasshopper Investments invests directly in water projects and focuses mainly on emerging markets. Grasshopper Investments ranks among the few companies to raise and provide private capital for water projects in such markets. Investments in water infrastructure are usually mostly financed through State funding and development banks.  

Grasshopper Investments aims to structure ethical investments and to promote structures that solve social challenges in an entrepreneurial manner and, at the same time, create the incentives for an economically sustainable development.  

Investing instead donating is a trend that began quite a while ago in the U.S. and became ever stronger there as well as in Europe.

Ethical investors award no alms, but take professional investment and business decisions. They take into account the commercial return of an investment as well as the social benefits and the sustainability of their investments.  

"Development aid and a viable business case are not mutually exclusive". On the contrary: who does not think entrepreneurially, often cements unsustainable structures and creates misleading incentives.

Grasshopper Investments has taken up this challenge and develops finance concepts to create effective tools to improve drinking water supply in developing countries. Thereby contributing to solve one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century: the lack of clean drinking water.