Grasshopper - Intelligent Water Solutions GmbH - INWASOL

Overview INWASOL

Project Development, Technology Solutions and Operations


INWASOL is a subsidiary of Grasshopper Investments and focuses on:

  • Project development and execution
  • Technology solutions
  • Operations and maintenance of projects in the water sector

To date, Grasshopper Investments and INWASOL completed projects in 12 countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South America and Africa.
The projects focus on public water infrastructure and water works. Other areas of expertise include projects with the private sector such as financed water solutions for industries, private hospitals or large building complexes.

All projects completed so far are focused on "clean and safe drinking water". The "waste water" area of the water industry and sewage treatment plants in particular, is currently under development at Grasshopper Investments and INWASOL.

Usually a training program for the local personnel accompanies the projects of INWASOL as well as the establishment of a regional service office to provide maintenance services and operational expertise when needed.

Through the collaboration with German engineering companies and technology manufactures with an extensive international experience INWASOL is able to meet even very particular requirements in its water projects. INWASOL also collaborates with academic institutions to exchange knowledge and conduct scientific monitoring of water projects.