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Container Concept for private Direct Investments


In order to allow private direct investments in water projects Grasshopper developed a water container concept. Investors invest directly in water containers and become owner of the container over the life span of the project.


What is a Water Container?

A Water Container is a standard container and designed for the respective local water quality and combines the necessary water technologies to treat this water. Such a container can produce clean and safe drinking water from river water, lakes, groundwater, public water supply with low quality water and from other water sources like rain harvesting.


Which purpose has a water container?

A water container works like a small water plant and can supply clean and safe drinking water for up to 10.000 people. It is also possible to combine more than one container in order to produces clean water for more than 10.000 people


How does the business model work?

Water containers will mainly be deployed in rural areas and semi-urban areas with insufficient public water supply:

- can be leased to municipalities or other third parties - or
- can be operated by Grasshopper Investments / Inwasol

Revenues generated from all water containers deployed will be pooled to mitigate risk across a large number of projects.