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Water Production trough desalination using renewable energy


Drinking water can be extracted through desalination from seawater or saline groundwater in areas with water scarcity.
However, desalination plants have a very high-energy demand. The world over research is conducted to reduce energy consumption of the desalination process.

Another approach to make desalination more eco-friendly and sustainable is through the use of renewable energy instead of conventional energy sources.

Combining a technical solution with a commercially viable business model

For Grasshopper Investments the combination of water desalination and renewable energies is one of the areas where it intends to further develop new approaches to water projects.

Grasshopper Investments and its partners are developing business models that allow the technical implementation of renewable energy and desalination, as well as enabling a business concept in which the energy production contributes to the revenue model of such projects, thus might providing a cross-subsidy for water production.