Grasshopper - Overview Grasshopper Investments

Grasshopper Investments and INWASOL

Two companies - one holistic solution: Finance and Project Development


Grasshopper Investments is a German company designing private financing concepts and innovative business models in the water sector. Grasshopper Investments develops structures investment models to enable private investors to fund sustainable water projects.

Grasshopper Investments focus are emerging markets, where lack of financing is a major obstacle to realize water projects, particularly in Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Intelligent Water Solutions GmbH (INWASOL) is a subsidiary of Grasshopper Investments. INWASOL is responsible the implementation of Grasshopper projects and operational tasks such as project development and maintenance.

INWASOL aims to develop and implement solutions, which are geared towards the specific requirements of emerging markets. To meet these goals INWASOL deploys technologies and develops solutions adapted to specifically meet the local conditions in those countries.