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Water Treatment in Water Plants


Grasshopper Investments current projects are aimed to improve the water quality in water plants. The reason for this project focus on water plants is that such a public water supply and distribution systems in a given region ensured by water plants requires no additional expensive and privately funded infrastructure to supply clean water to local consumers and businesses in this region.

Investments in Water Infrastructure

Investment in water treatment at the level of the water plants is therefore the most effective measure to ensure large-scale supply of clean drinking water.

Any country's public health and economic development depends on clean water supply. Water plants are therefore crucial in providing such a infrastructure.

Capacity Building

In 2013 modern German water treatment technology was installed in water plants in Oman and Nigeria.
The ease of use and low maintenance of the technology keeps the costs for operation low and simplifies the operation of the plants. In all water plant projects local staff will be trained intensively to ensure effective operations.

Depending on the project size and the local project partners a local service company is set up to ensure the long-term operation of the plants.