Grasshopper - Mareen Schneider

Managing Director

Grasshopper Investments


Founder and Managing Director of Grasshopper Investments is Ms. Mareen Schneider. Her responsibilities include the selection of projects and investment opportunities, which meet Grasshopper Investments requirements for social, ecological and commercial sustainability.

Ms. Schneider has more than 10 years experience in international corporate  finance, as well as in structuring investment vehicles for international infrastructure projects. Since 2009 she has specialized in the global water market and innovative water treatment technologies. As the founder and MD of Grasshopper Investments she has developed several investment vehicles and projects in the global water industry:

  • Project 1: closed-end fund for water disinfection - Clean Water I Fund I, fully placed
  • Project 2: water project partially funded through emission rights
  • Project 3: Privat Equity concepts for institutional investors
  • Project 4: Water project providing potable water for end-users in selected countries based on innovative funding and financing structures

As an Attorney at Law Ms. Schneider is also a founding partner of the Frankfurt law firm Landgraf & Schneider which focuses on international business law (Asia and Europe), capital markets, (investment banking, structured finance), banking law and regulation (especially debt financing), financing (project - and corporate finance ) and corporate law.

After successfully studying economics and reading law, she gained her professional experience mainly in Continental Europe, Southeast Asia and China.