Grasshopper - Water - Concepts

Grasshopper Investment Concepts and Innovative Business Models

Overview Investment Concepts

Closed funds
In 2012/2013 the Grasshopper Clean Water Fund I was structured as a mutual fund and placed in Germany. The fund addressed private and institutional investors. The funds concept with maturity at the end of 2019 allows the funding of water projects to improve drinking water quality through initial introduction or modernization of water disinfection.

Direct investment
To enable direct investment opportunities in water projects Grasshopper Investments in 2013 developed a simple investment model based on water containers. Investors invest in a specific project and all the necessary water treatment applications. The technology is containerized and pre-installed and then rented out over the lifetime of the containerized solution and the water project.

PE and water bonds
Specifically to meet the needs and regulatory requirements of institutional investors Grasshopper Investments developed bonds for the water sector as well as Private Equity structures - with a focus on international investors and project structures.

Refinancing through Tradable Permits
Another innovative approach developed by Grasshopper Investments is to generate CO2 Tradable Permits through water projects that can then be utilized to refinance such water projects.